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July 2017: Kids + Technology

By Adam Tysoe -- July 18th, 2017

At least 70% of Australia’s school students use computers. As a result of this increased usage, Physiotherapists are treating more young patients suffering from the effects of working at computer stations that are either designed for adults or poorly designed for children. Many children are already suffering from repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic pain in the hands, back, neck and shoulders. (more…)

May 2017: The Pelvic Floor

By Adam Tysoe -- May 29th, 2017

 The “pelvic floor” refers to a group of muscles that attach to the front, back and sides of the pelvic bone and sacrum (the large fused bone at the bottom of your spine, just above the tailbone). Like a sling or hammock, these muscles support the organs in the pelvis, including the bladder, uterus or prostate, and rectum. They also wrap around your urethra, rectum, and vagina (in women). (more…)

June 2017: Golf and Physiotherapy

By Adam Tysoe -- May 29th, 2017

Many people think that Golf is a relatively benign activity, but the incidence of injuries to golfers is relatively high. Because golf can be played over an entire life time, most golfers, at some stage, will be injured. (more…)

April 2017: Hamstring Strains

By Adam Tysoe -- April 26th, 2017

Hamstring strains happen when any of your hamstrings muscles or its tendons is stretched beyond what it can withstand or torn when substantial stretching of the muscle occurs. Hamstring strains are fairly common in sports activities requiring the athlete to forcefully run or jump. A hamstring strain is also called a pulled hamstring or hamstring tear.

An inflamed hamstring tendon is called hamstring tendonitis. Your hamstrings or hamstring muscles are located at the back of your thigh. You have three hamstring muscles. Together, they help bend your knees as you lie face-down; lift your foot toward your back (without bending your hip); and help you walk normally. (more…)

March 2017: Sport Injuries in Children

By Adam Tysoe -- April 5th, 2017

Participation in any sport, whether it’s recreational bike riding or junior football, can teach children to stretch their limits and learn sportsmanship and discipline. But any sport also carries the potential for injury. By knowing the causes of sports injuries and how to prevent them, you can help make athletics a positive experience for your child. (more…)

February 2017: Going Safely Back to School

By Adam Tysoe -- February 6th, 2013

Australian children are at risk of permanent spinal damage because of incorrectly packed and fitted school backpacks. Carrying a heavy backpack can be a source of chronic strain and can cause shoulder, neck and back pain in children. (more…)

February 2013: Knee Injuries

By Adam Tysoe -- February 1st, 2013

The knee is a relatively simple joint, however it performs a complicated task. The knee needs to function properly to provide flexible mobility while bearing considerable weight. While walking down the street, our knees bear three to five times our body weight. Some people are more likely to develop knee problems than others. Many jobs, sports and recreation activities, getting older, or having a disease such as osteoporosis or arthritis increase the chances of having a knee problem. (more…)

January 2013: A New You

By Adam Tysoe -- January 9th, 2013

It’s that time of year again when everyone is setting out New Year’s Resolutions and, unfortunately, it won’t be long until a majority of people start breaking them. There are many reasons why New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick- they may be unrealistic, there is a lack of self-discipline or life gets “too busy”. Our New Year’s Resolution is all about you and what we can do to make 2013 a healthy and pain-free year for you. Our goal is not only to maintain but also to improve the high standard of care you’ve experienced with us. (more…)

December 2012: Shoulder Injuries

By Adam Tysoe -- January 9th, 2013

Your shoulders are composed of large muscles that regularly exert themselves when carrying, lifting, pushing, and pulling, all movements you will do countless times over your life time. Because of the extent of its use, shoulder injuries are commonplace. (more…)

September 2012: Arthritis

By Adam Tysoe -- August 29th, 2012

Physiotherapy treatment has a large part to play in the overall management of arthritis. The physiotherapist, as a member of your management team, is trained to understand and treat the physical aspects of the human body. (more…)

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