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Areas of Special Interest

Here at Tewantin Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre – we can provide you with the following treatments;


APA Sports Physiotherapists are experts in this area of physio regarding knowledge and skills, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal and sports injuries and movement dysfunctions, particularly in relation to sport and physical activities. They utilise skills to: optimise return to sport after injury; resolve chronic, recurrent or acute injuries and prevent further injury; enhance sporting or activity performance and technique; improve flexibility, muscle control and strength.


APA musculoskeletal physios are experts in this area of physio and are skilled in the assessment, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal conditions including neck and back pain as well as problems of all joints, muscles and nerves. Treatment involves skilled application of various therapies to reduce pain, restore proper movement and prevent further problems.


We provide physiotherapy for incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction and can help to manage the following conditions: Urinary incontinence – Bowel symptoms – Prolapse of pelvic organs – Pelvic pain – Preparation for and recovery after surgery – Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle weakness.

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